New feature: Duplicate your polls

You can now reuse your existing polls more easily by duplicating your meeting polls in the admin area.duplicate poll
You can control to what extend your poll will be copied. E.g. you can choose to:

  • Copy the participants including their votes
  • Copy only the participants’ names (and setting their vote to “?”)
  • Delete all participants

Furthermore you can choose if you want to copy existing opinion polls, anonymous poll or comments that are attached to your meeting poll.

New: Retrieve lost admin links and FAQs

Lost admin links

You can’t find the admin link to your poll anymore? No problem. We added a functionality that allows you to retrieve lost admin links for polls, message boards and dashboards.

Simply go to and enter the email address you created your polls with. We will send an overview of your active polls, message boards and dashboards to your email address.

Lost admin links


We started a FAQ-Page which will be further extended in the future. If you have a question that is missing, please contact us. We are happy to add it.

Anonymous polls

Furthermore we added two improvements to our anonymous polls. If your participants vote within the same computer network (e.g., in offices, schools or universities) you have now the option to allow multiple votes from the same IP address.
Moreover, administrators can now close anonymous polls to stop further voting.

lock anonymous poll

Happy scheduling (and polling) with Xoyondo!