Major update

We have updated Xoyondo to a new version. Here are some of the changes:

  • The poll pages are now wider, to make more space for large polls
  • The poll admin area has been redesigned with a left sidebar for the general options
  • On desktop, the poll header column (with suggested dates and times) is now always visible. This makes it easier to participate in polls with many participants
  • Overall design changes (including updated header and logo)
  • Simplified email notifications. If participants sign up for notifications they are notified about new votes and new comments
  • Improved setup of anonymous polls and opinion polls. All the polls you create in the initial setup are now always visible (no need to switch between polls anymore). Furthermore, polls can now be easily copied
  • Many internal improvements to speed up the website

Do you like the changes? Please let us know. We always try to make Xoyondo better.

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