New poll type: Sign Ups

We just added a new poll type: Sign Ups.

Sign Ups are the best choice when you have a lot of options but only expect a few “yes” answers per option. In contrast to meeting polls or opinion polls we therefore we don’t show “no” votes explicitly in Sign Up lists. This makes the presentation simple and easy to interpret. Sign Ups can be used for all kind of enrollments, to organize events, volunteers, staff schedules and more.

When creating a Sign Up you can choose between four different formats: “Dates and Slots”, “Slots and Dates”, “Slots only” and “Single Date RSVP”.

Sign up wizard

The first three formats lead to a similar stricture of the final Sign Up list. In the example below we want to find volunteers for different days in October. To sign up a participant has to click on one (or more) of the checkboxes on the right, enter their name and click “Save”. In this example, four participant already signed up. By hovering over the names, we can see that John is volunteering for 2 days.

Sign Up list

The format “Single Date RSVP” is special and leads to a Sign Up of the form below:

Single date RSVP

In this format you choose a specific date and time and your participants can indicate if they are available or not.

Try it yourself. It’s easy: Create a Sign Up

New features: Default answers and quick voting

We added two new features for our premium users.

  • Specify default answers
    So far when you set up a meeting poll, all options / dates are were automatically initialized as “No”. Therefore, participants only had to choose the dates that worked for them. Although this is the best solution for the majority of polls, there are use cases, where a different default is preferable.
    Premium users can now set “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” or “Not set” as default. This can for example be useful, if you want your participants to actively make a choice for each given option or in case you already now that your users vote “Yes” for most options.
    Tip: Always try to keep the number selectable dates / options as low as possible. This reduces the number of clicks required by your participants and increases the chance that they actually vote in your poll.
  • Quick voting
    This will let your participants vote even faster. When active, a click on “Save” on the poll page won’t lead to a confirmation page, but simply refreshes the poll page to show the updated table. Even without the confirmation page, participants can still subscribe to notifications directly on the poll page by clicking on the bell symbol, located in the upper right corner of the page.

Missing a feature? Please let us know!

Custom Email Invitations

We improved our Business subscriptions. As Business user you can now send out custom email invitations to the participants in your poll or message board. You are completely free in the choice of the email subject and content. Furthermore you can adjust the design of your messages and use your own logo and color scheme.

email invite
Example of a custom email invite

Give it a try with our 30-day trial. Please let us know what you think!

PS We also improved our Premium service. Polls by premium users are now completely ad free!

Create your personal Xoyondo page

Do you have many or frequently changing polls? Create a personal Xoyondo page with a URL of your choice and publish your polls and message boards on this page. In this way you don’t need to send out many different poll links to your participants. Just let them know about your personal page and they will have access to all your published polls instantly.

Personal Xoyondo page exampleCreating your personal Xoyondo page is simple. Just sign up for a free Xoyondo account, choose your page name and publish a selection of your polls with a single click.

Happy Scheduling!

List view for large meeting polls

We added a new viewing option for large meeting polls. Instead of the tabular view (which is default), participants can now choose to view the poll as a list. This is useful for polls with a large number of choices or with many participants. It makes especially voting from mobile devices easier.

meeting polls list view

We hope you will enjoy the new feature. Let us know what you think!

New feature: Duplicate your polls

You can now reuse your existing polls more easily by duplicating your meeting polls in the admin area.duplicate poll
You can control to what extend your poll will be copied. E.g. you can choose to:

  • Copy the participants including their votes
  • Copy only the participants’ names (and setting their vote to “?”)
  • Delete all participants

Furthermore you can choose if you want to copy existing opinion polls, anonymous poll or comments that are attached to your meeting poll.

Choose possible dates faster!

Choosing the dates and times in your polls just got a lot easier and faster. Instead of selecting possible dates with our standard calendar and entering the times for each day manually you can now specify your dates and times using a detailed calendar. Select suitable times just by clicking, expanding and dragging within our new calendar plugin. It doesn’t get easier than that and of course it works on touchscreens too.

The old way of selecting your dates and times is of course still available. This is more suitable if you don’t want only to choose times but also want to specify other information (e.g. places) that your participants can take a vote on.

Full calendar for faster scheduling

If you have questions or comments, let us know!

Happy scheduling!