New: limited meeting polls

Dear Xoyondo users,

Due to the request of many of our users we added a new feature to Xoyondo: limited meeting polls. As administrator of a poll you can now limit the number of participants for each suggested date. If the limit for an option is reached it cannot be chosen any longer by the participants.

limited meeting poll

Limited meeting polls are useful if there is only a limited number of places for an event. Limited polls can therefore be used as registration form.

Happy scheduling!


New feature: Anonymous meeting polls

Dear Xoyondo-users,

we added a new feature to our meeting polls. As creator of a poll you can now choose the option “Anonymous meeting poll”. If this option is active the participants in your poll won’t be able to see each others votes. Furthermore the voting result will be hidden. Only the administrator can view and manage all votes in the admin area. It is therefore important to keep the admin-link at a safe place since otherwise you won’t be able to see the voting result.

Anonymous meeting polls

Anonymous meeting polls are useful if you want to keep the votes confidential or if you have a poll with many participants where it is not important that the participants see each others votes.

Happy scheduling!


New feature: Finalize your poll

Dear xoyondo-users,

If you found the best day in your date poll or the best option in your opinion poll you can now finalize it. Just click on the ‘lock’-symbol in the admin area of your poll and mark the best date / best option as definitive. Your participants won’t be able to vote once your poll is locked. If something changes you can easily open it again afterwards and modify it in the usual way.

Finalize you poll

You can now also give your participants the possibility to import the chosen date directly in their Google/Yahoo/Outlook/Apple-calendars.

If you have any questions concerning this new feature, please contact us.

Happy scheduling,


Personal links for participants and more…

Dear xoyondo-user,

We made the following changes/additions in to order to simplify the scheduling process for you and your participants even more:

  • If the participants are invited via xoyondo they will receive a personalized link to the poll. In this way they can easily modify their vote from different devices (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone).
  • After voting in a date- or opinion poll every participant has the possibility to obtain a personal link to the current poll. In this way the vote can be modified from different devices.
  • You can now add a personal message to the xoyondo invitation emails.
  • The administrator of a poll can now edit and delete comments.
  • It is now optional to enter an email address when creating a poll or a message board. If the email address is not provided the corresponding links to the poll or message board and administration area have to be saved manually!

If you have question or remarks, please contact us via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also leave a comment on this page.

Participants can now modify their vote.

Dear xoyondo users,
we have implemented a new feature on xoyondo. Participants in a date or opinion poll can now modify their vote in case their schedule or opinion altered. They can modify their vote by simply clicking the ‘edit’ icon near their name and entering the updated information.

user edit

Please note that users can only change their vote if they visit xoyondo with the same device (computer, tablet, smartphone) they have originally voted with.

If you have any question please contact us.

Happy scheduling!


We now use SSL on the entire website!

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a security technology that allows to transmit data between a website (xoyondo) and a browser (you) in a secure way. Without SSL data between a website and a browser is sent in plain text. If attackers are able to intercept this data they can see and use it. This is especially problematic if the data sent contains sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers. The SSL protocol encrypts the data that is to be sent from a website to the browser (and vice versa) and thus ensures that your data remains confidential.

Why does xoyondo use SSL?

Since our service is free and works without registration you never have to enter credit card details or login information that could be intercepted by an attacker. However we believe that all your personal data (including your name, email address or the meeting you want to organize) is important and needs to be protected. This is why we use the SSL technology to secure the communication between you and xoyondo on our entire website.

A secure connection to xoyondo is easy to recognize. A green padlock icon as well as https:// will be visible at the address bar of your browser.


Happy  (and secure) scheduling!