Personal links for participants and more…

Dear xoyondo-user,

We made the following changes/additions in to order to simplify the scheduling process for you and your participants even more:

  • If the participants are invited via xoyondo they will receive a personalized link to the poll. In this way they can easily modify their vote from different devices (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone).
  • After voting in a date- or opinion poll every participant has the possibility to obtain a personal link to the current poll. In this way the vote can be modified from different devices.
  • You can now add a personal message to the xoyondo invitation emails.
  • The administrator of a poll can now edit and delete comments.
  • It is now optional to enter an email address when creating a poll or a message board. If the email address is not provided the corresponding links to the poll or message board and administration area have to be saved manually!

If you have question or remarks, please contact us via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also leave a comment on this page.

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