Improved administration area

Dear xoyondo user,

We have redesigned the administration area for polls. You can now adjust the settings of your polls in a more flexible and direct way.

General settings can be modified in the two panels (see next picture) at the top of the admin area. Here you can, e.g., change your name or activate/deactivate comments. Furthermore you can add or edit other types of polls.

admin area panel

Settings of date- or opinion polls can now be directly modified within the poll. Information like title, description, expiration date or event location can be modified by clicking on the orange ‘edit’-button next to the title. In the poll table you will now find different buttons in order to:

  • add dates (large ‘plus’-symbol to the left)
  • add times for certain dates (small ‘plus’-symbol in the corresponding date cell)
  • edit dates (small ‘edit’-symbol in the corresponding date cell)
  • delete dates (small ‘trash’-symbol in the corresponding date cell)
  • edit times (small ‘edit’-symbol in the corresponding times cell)
  • delete times (small ‘trash’-symbol in the corresponding times cell)

Note: If you add a date or a time, a question mark will be displayed to existing participants for the new date or time. The present votes will not be affected.

admin area poll
We hope that you like the new administration area and that this will further simplify your scheduling tasks. If you have further suggestions we would be happy if you contact us via email, Facebook, Twitter or just leave a comment on this page.

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