Participants can now modify their vote.

Dear xoyondo users,
we have implemented a new feature on xoyondo. Participants in a date or opinion poll can now modify their vote in case their schedule or opinion altered. They can modify their vote by simply clicking the ‘edit’ icon near their name and entering the updated information.

user edit

Please note that users can only change their vote if they visit xoyondo with the same device (computer, tablet, smartphone) they have originally voted with.

If you have any question please contact us.

Happy scheduling!

4 thoughts on “Participants can now modify their vote.”

  1. I have a poll created for my group, my participants and I are no longer able to edit.

    When I tried to edit using the orange button, it is no longer available on both my laptop and mobile phone.

    Please kindly advice

  2. I want to change/edit my answers on a poll created by a group member but I cannot find the orange edit button on either the device I originally used or another one.

    I hope you can help me, thank you.

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