New features: Default answers and quick voting

We added two new features for our premium users.

  • Specify default answers
    So far when you set up a meeting poll, all options / dates are were automatically initialized as “No”. Therefore, participants only had to choose the dates that worked for them. Although this is the best solution for the majority of polls, there are use cases, where a different default is preferable.
    Premium users can now set “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” or “Not set” as default. This can for example be useful, if you want your participants to actively make a choice for each given option or in case you already now that your users vote “Yes” for most options.
    Tip: Always try to keep the number selectable dates / options as low as possible. This reduces the number of clicks required by your participants and increases the chance that they actually vote in your poll.
  • Quick voting
    This will let your participants vote even faster. When active, a click on “Save” on the poll page won’t lead to a confirmation page, but simply refreshes the poll page to show the updated table. Even without the confirmation page, participants can still subscribe to notifications directly on the poll page by clicking on the bell symbol, located in the upper right corner of the page.

Missing a feature? Please let us know!