New poll type: Sign Ups

We just added a new poll type: Sign Ups.

Sign Ups are the best choice when you have a lot of options but only expect a few “yes” answers per option. In contrast to meeting polls or opinion polls we therefore we don’t show “no” votes explicitly in Sign Up lists. This makes the presentation simple and easy to interpret. Sign Ups can be used for all kind of enrollments, to organize events, volunteers, staff schedules and more.

When creating a Sign Up you can choose between four different formats: “Dates and Slots”, “Slots and Dates”, “Slots only” and “Single Date RSVP”.

Sign up wizard

The first three formats lead to a similar stricture of the final Sign Up list. In the example below we want to find volunteers for different days in October. To sign up a participant has to click on one (or more) of the checkboxes on the right, enter their name and click “Save”. In this example, four participant already signed up. By hovering over the names, we can see that John is volunteering for 2 days.

Sign Up list

The format “Single Date RSVP” is special and leads to a Sign Up of the form below:

Single date RSVP

In this format you choose a specific date and time and your participants can indicate if they are available or not.

Try it yourself. It’s easy: Create a Sign Up