Xoyondo Premium is here!

After months of hard work our Xoyondo Premium and Business subscriptions are finally here. While the basic functionality of Xoyondo will always be free (and will continue to improve), our new plans are designed for users that need additional functionality or individual branding.

Xoyondo Premium

With Xoyondo Premium you can:

  • Attaches files to your polls.
  • Request additional information from your users when they vote in a poll. As an example you could ask them for their email address or the phone number when they participate in your poll.
  • Prevent participants from editing their vote. This is useful when you need a definitive choice from each participant so that you can plan ahead.
  • You have access to an extended Dashboard, which allows you to sort all your polls by name, number of participants or last activity. Furthermore your can archive older poll.
  • Advanced displaying options for your polls. You can sort the poll table by each column and display only certain rows. This makes it easy analyse large polls without the need to export them to Excel.
  • You will never see ads on Xoyondo.

Xoyondo Business

Our new Xoyondo Business plan includes:

  • Everything included in our Premium Plan
  • User Management: Add and remove Business users from a central location. You can assign and remove Business status of your users at any time.
  • Custom design for your polls. Replace the Xoyondo logo with your own logo and adjust the color scheme to your corporate design. You can have multiple designs and assign them to each poll individually. Every design you (as admin Business user) create will be automatically available to your connected Business users.
  • Central invoicing.
  • You and the participants in your polls will never see ads on Xoyondo.

You can try our new features 30 days free!

If you have question or comment, please let us know!