We now use SSL on the entire website!

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a security technology that allows to transmit data between a website (xoyondo) and a browser (you) in a secure way. Without SSL data between a website and a browser is sent in plain text. If attackers are able to intercept this data they can see and use it. This is especially problematic if the data sent contains sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers. The SSL protocol encrypts the data that is to be sent from a website to the browser (and vice versa) and thus ensures that your data remains confidential.

Why does xoyondo use SSL?

Since our service is free and works without registration you never have to enter credit card details or login information that could be intercepted by an attacker. However we believe that all your personal data (including your name, email address or the meeting you want to organize) is important and needs to be protected. This is why we use the SSL technology to secure the communication between you and xoyondo on our entire website.

A secure connection to xoyondo is easy to recognize. A green padlock icon as well as https:// will be visible at the address bar of your browser.


Happy  (and secure) scheduling!

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