Schedule meetings the easy way!

Schedule meetings

With xoyondo you can schedule events and meetings without sending around dozens of emails. Just pick suitable dates and send the link to your personal poll website to every participants of your event. Each participant now can indicate suitable times so that you can easily determine the best date for you event.

Example of a date poll

Obtain an opinion

You are not looking for a certain date but instead for the opinion of your participants about a certain topic? No problem! Set up an opinion poll with xoyondo.


Conduct a survey

You just want to set up anonymous polls? Also this is possible with xoyondo.


xoyondo originated from a project that we started (under a different name) already in 2006. This year we decided to relaunch this project with a completely rewritten code. We are eager to further improve xoyondo. Help us with your feedback and contact us via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We are grateful for your suggestions!

Stay organized!

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