Organize your polls with a Xoyondo Dashboard.

Dear Xoyondo users,

Xoyondo Dashboards are here. If you are the administrator and/or participant of multiple polls or message boards on Xoyondo the new Dashboard functionality will help you keep the overview. You can easily add all your active polls to a Dashboard which allows you to access the polls and the corresponding admin areas from a single website. Furthermore you are able to monitor properties and recent activities in your polls.

Xoyondo Dashboard

In order to add a poll to your Dashboard just insert the link of the poll or the admin link if you are the administrator into the corresponding field on the Dashboard website. If you already have a Dashboard new polls can be automatically added during the setup.

If you have suggestions how to further improve the new functionality we would be happy to hear about it. Please contact us by email, Facebook, Twitter or just leave a comment here.

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