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  1. Hello xoyondo-Team,

    thank you very much for your nice polls.
    I use them for my volleyball and football appointments and have suggest it to friends who still use doodle.

    I like to have the date row also at the end of the poll near the summary of the participants or better:
    The participants row at the top near the date row.
    But I would understand that less people would view the necessary ads in the future, of course…

    Thanks and all the best for the future of xoyondo

    1. Hi Victor,

      thanks a lot for your interest. I am glad that Xoyondo is useful for you. I understand why you want that. I guess you want to simplify the voting (without having to scroll up and down all the time) in case there are many participants. I thought about this issue already and will come up about a solution. Do you know that there is a “Hide participants” button near the “Save” button? If you press that the voting row will come very close to the date row which is basically what you want. Of course you cannot see the participants anymore then.


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