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Dear Xoyondo-users,

if you subscribed to email notifications about new entries in polls or new comments, you received so far an email for every new entry. This could lead to numerous emails for polls with many participants.

In order to reduce the number of notifications you will from now on receive only one email even if there are multiple new entries until you visit the poll via the link in the notification email.

We hope that this makes the scheduling process even more comfortable for you.

Your team

4 thoughts on “Improved email notifications”

  1. Dear team of Xoyondo,

    I’m very happy with your service and colleagues of mine are also happy about it. This can not be done in outlook and it’s a nice format with enough options.

    I would suggest a small improvement. You have adjusted the mailing to be reduced to one. However I would like to know of every entry/adjustment. I understand why you have choosen to reduce but I think maybe the option to choose if you want a mail for every adjustment or a summarization mail would cover all needs. Because there are cases (oppointments to be made within a short time with a small amount of people) that you want to track every entry.
    So my suggestion would be make both possible.


    1. Dear Pepijn,

      Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
      I understand that it might be sometimes more convenient to receive a notification for every entry instead of only one. Of course we could let the user decide by providing the corresponding option, but every new option makes the tool slightly more complex and many of the more inexperienced users might be confused by the additional option. Typically I only add more options if it is the wish of many users. I will therefore keep your suggestion in mind and if there is a significant interest in adding this option, I will gladly provide it.

      Thank you again for your interest!


  2. I want to receive notification for every update to a poll, so I can track every entry. I, at least, want to have that option. Thank you.

    1. Hi Scot, did you see that you can track every entry in the admin area of your poll? Just click on “View activity log”. You won’t get notified everytime, but at least you can see who voted when. Does this help you?
      Thanks for your feedback!

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